How the "My Well Being Program" Made SpartanNash a Great Place to Work

Alisha Murray, PHR, SHRM-CP, CWWPM, Manager, Worksite Wellness Programs, SpartanNash

Balancing a family, career, finances, health and time to have fun can be difficult. The My Wellbeing program at SpartanNash focuses on four pillars of our associates’ lives – Physical, Financial, Emotional and Social – to emphasize a holistic approach to health and happiness.

As a Fortune 400 company, we have a both a generationally and geographically diverse population. Therefore, effective communication is an integral part of our program engagement. The majority of our associates do not have a company email; therefore, we utilize an omni channel communications plan to reach participants. In addition to emails, our communications efforts include posters, home mailings, company intranet, and newsletters. Our wellbeing vendor platform also allows for direct messaging to our associates through its online portal and mobile app.

While we acknowledge that we live in a technology-driven world, we also recognize the impact that relationships and face-to-face interaction have – and we use both to deliver an award-winning wellness program through My Wellbeing. To do so, one of our greatest communication assets is our Wellness Champion network. We have an appointed wellness champion at each of our service centers and distribution centers. Our champions are associates across the organization who have made a commitment to ignite and maintain a culture of wellness at SpartanNash and encourage and inspire others to do the same. Our champions are tasked with ensuring each associate feels personally invited to participate in our program and know they have a contact right at their location to answer any questions they may have. We have found our greatest success by coupling personal interaction with technology, as we acknowledge each associate is unique in the way they prefer to receive information and what motives behavior change.

Once we’ve effectively communicated the My Wellbeing program, it is the feedback from participants that is the guiding force behind ensuring continued engagement. Our wellness champions share valuable insights into how associates feel about our program as they are on-site, having face-to-face conversations with them. They also allow us to tailor our offerings to what is most exciting to associates at a given location. In addition to communicating with our champions, we encourage participants to share their questions and comments directly to the Manager of Worksite Wellness Programs.

"While we acknowledge that we live in a technology-driven world, we also recognize the impact that relationships and face-to-face interaction have – and we use both to deliver an award-winning wellness program through My Wellbeing"

A designated email account is made available to associates to submit questions and feedback. We also utilize our company and vendor technology to solicit feedback, whether it be via internal questionnaires, surveys through our vendor or by integrating specific SpartanNash My Wellbeing program questions into our vendor health risk assessment. Our program is ever-evolving, and each year, we make enhancements as a direct result of feedback received from participants. This demonstrates to our associates that we not only care about their wellbeing but also about their satisfaction with our program – and how it contributes to making SpartanNash a great place to work.

At SpartanNash, we care about our associates’ satisfaction with the Total Rewards we provide, and the My Wellbeing program is no exception. Thanks to the response and opinions of our associates, we’ve designed a program that is about them, meeting them where they are at on their wellness journey while keeping it simple and offering exciting incentives!

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