Understanding the Significance of Employee Relationship Management

Jordan C McKay, HR Recruiter, Royal Mail

Jordan C McKay, HR Recruiter, Royal Mail

Jordan C McKay is presently employed with Royal Mail as a recruiter. Prior to joining Royal Mail, he worked at an International Charity, where he gained experience in human resource administration while assisting with the move of a London office to Chelmsford. A diligent worker with expertise in customer service and management, managing and organizing different workloads, and establishing a track record of meeting deadlines are among his strongest abilities. Additionally, Jordan is an accomplished public and motivational speaker with a passion for rallying teammates around a single purpose.

In an interview with HR Tech Outlook Europe Magazine, Jordan C McKay highlights on recent trends that are favourable to newer work standards, particularly with COVID 19 in the HR space.

What challenges have HR businesses experienced since COVID 19? Are there any industry-specific trends that you feel are essential?

The change to working from home has been one of the most drastic challenges the HR industry has experienced. Working from home reduces interaction with the team, making it more difficult (or at least delaying) to establish the good relationships required in a team to carry work forward. However, with the shift to working remotely, there have been a number of recent technological breakthroughs that have benefited the contemporary working standards. From a technological standpoint, Microsoft Team is one of the most important developments that have helped HR keep in touch with the team.

What are some of the skill sets that have aided you in managing various tasks and people?

I believe that putting people first is one of the best practices that have helped me achieve the best results. Look after the people and the work will get done.

“Look after the people and the work will get done”

This is an extension of my upbringing as a Christian, also where I was taught the golden rule of treating others how you want them to treat you. As a result, one of HR’s guiding principles is to prioritize people and understand their expectations for how they want to be treated and engaged with. This would be my advice to the novices in the sector. It is critical to understand what the employees are going through and respond and react accordingly. This aids in the maintenance of a healthy relationship between the human resources department and the employee.

Apart from that, an important factor to being successful in this market space is to be organized. I begin my day planning and spending the first half on organizing the day’s activities like prioritizing my emails and things like that. Being organized better equips you for what is in store also.

How do you envision the HR industry in the next 12 to 18 months?

As we move forward, there will be a greater emphasis to be people-focused and also a greater awareness towards people’s mental health. Many individuals have struggled with their mental health throughout the pandemic. It is very important to be conscious of this and ensure the employees are taking care of their mental health.

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