Balance By Nature: Customized Wellness Programs for Eliminating Workspace Stress

Nicole Mixdorf, Founder & CEO, Balance By NatureNicole Mixdorf, Founder & CEO
Nicole Mixdorf, founder, and CEO of Balance by Nature, reminisces about the time when she was an overstressed executive. “The weight of maintaining my work and personal life was taking a toll on my health. I learned from personal experience how debilitating it is to develop a chronic health condition, which in my case, was an autoimmune disease while working as a high-level executive director for a global firm. I noticed that I was not the only one suffering,” says Mixdorf. She realized the problem was prevalent across all corporate environments. Employees were suffering from chronic illnesses and other diseases as a direct result of being overworked while not knowing that the underlying cause was stress. With the determination to find a solution that could help overburdened professionals strike a balance in their life, Mixdorf founded Balance by Nature, a corporate wellness company that inspires executives and employees alike to prioritize self-care at work.

Today, the company creates customized wellness programs that are specifically designed to inspire employees to make small changes into their daily routines, for leading a stress-free work life. Their programs incorporate onsite fitness classes to inspire employees to “get up and move.” This can be yoga, Zumba, boot camp, line dancing, qigong, self-defense, or walking challenges. Their stress reduction programs include onsite chair massage, meditation, mindfulness, and positive mindset classes that can be delivered in person or online. Nutritionists, collaborating with the firm, lead healthy food demonstrations. “We recently added customized learning and development workshops that are delivered on a department-level that can include motivating unity, time management, stress reduction, work-life balance, strategic focus, embracing change, and more,” adds Mixdorf.

A key differentiator for the company is their signature program, “21 Days to Less Stress at Your Desk,” that teaches new work-life balance skills every day for 21 days. The program focuses on encouraging employees to take inspired breaks each day to watch short 10-minute videos, allowing them the opportunity to instantly implement what they’ve learned and improve the way they feel and perform at work.
“Employees are reporting a 90% reduction in stress levels after participating in this program. We’re creating a real impact in people’s lives.”

Balance by Nature is keenly aware that each client is different, and they take a consultative approach to designing and managing corporate wellness programs. The company gains an in-depth understanding of the unique culture and work environment of their clients, and then gathers employee feedback to determine what elements the wellness program should include. A survey from the staff assists Mixdorf and her team to find out what interests the employees have, and what type of content they want to participate in. Based on this information, a custom-tailored wellness solution with relevant, flexible, and engaging content is delivered to each of their clients.

Adopting a personalized approach has helped the company develop a competitive edge in the market. Companies such as Westfield (now Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield) and Los Angeles World Airports (LAX Airport), for 6 and 3 years respectively, have been reaping the rewards of creating a more relaxed work environment with the help of Balance by Nature. Their Thrive Wellness program, created for Westfield employees, has also earned awards for Workplace Health Achievement from the American Heart Association 2 years in a row.

Balance by Nature is currently focused on expanding across the country, with programs operating in Los Angeles, Irvine, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, and Washington DC. In addition to their signature online program “21 Days to Less Stress at Your Desk”, they plan to launch two new programs in 2020 – “10 Minutes of YOU - Refresh & Reboot”, and “Mental Resilience – Embracing Your Inner Superhero.” By leveraging the cutting-edge Muse Brain-Sensing Meditation Bands, Balance by Nature is looking to develop a gamified meditation challenge that uses real-time brain activity feedback to train employees to strike a balance in their work life. “We teach employees how to truly care for themselves so that they can be the best version of themselves at work and home,” concludes Mixdorf. “It’s a win-win strategy for a company to invest in the well-being of their #1 asset – their people. When you take care of your people, your business will thrive.”

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Balance By Nature

Woodland Hills, CA

Nicole Mixdorf, Founder & CEO

The company creates customized wellness programs that are specifically designed to inspire employees to make small healthy changes into their daily routines to reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve health outcomes