CoreHealth Technologies: Bridging the Gap between Employee Health and Productivity

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Anne Marie Kirby, CEO , CoreHealth TechnologiesAnne Marie Kirby, CEO
It goes without saying; a disgruntled or unwell employee is not a productive employee. Therefore, it is in the best interest of organizations to cultivate a healthy work culture—which directly impacts employee engagement, customer onboarding, administrative processes, and eventually Return and Value on Investment (ROI and VOI). Traditionally, organizations implement workplace wellness programs that measure employee engagement separately from health and productivity. CoreHealth, a Canada-based corporate wellness technology provider, is trying to change that narrative with a new solution designed to closely integrate employee health, engagement and productivity.

Unlike most players in the employee wellness space, CoreHealth focuses solely on technology, and not the services. “Most wellness portal providers also deliver programs and services. We believe our customers are the wellness program experts, so we just give them tools to do what they do best—deliver wellness programs. Instead of competing with customers, we position ourselves as their technology partner for growth,” says Anne Marie Kirby, CEO of CoreHealth.

For over 15 years, CoreHealth has closely observed the challenges faced by organizations in their pursuit to keep pace with new technologies, not to mention their necessity to integrate multiple systems for a holistic view of employee health and performance. In response, CoreHealth, which firmly believes that employee health, engagement and productivity go hand-in-hand, is continuing to invest in system integrations while constantly evolving their platform to help wellness providers deliver optimal solutions.

CoreHealth’s Platform as a Service empowers wellness providers with a host of technologically-advanced tools, and the flexibility and freedom to customize solutions. This way, CoreHealth’s customers can leverage the platform to deploy tailor-made solutions to their employer clients.

Instead of competing with customers, who are wellness providers, we refer leads to them and position ourselves as their technology partner for growth

“We work with wellness providers who deliver their services to corporate employers that run on our platform. We see a real diverse need for programs, configurations, customizations, and integrations and aim to meet the same,” explains Kirby.

One such example of a wellness provider leveraging CoreHealth’s platform is highlighted in the success of Hamilton Health Care System (HHCS), a non-profit organization based in Georgia. Their program kept hitting roadblocks and it was apparent that a new wellness technology partner was necessary. Within three months of leveraging CoreHealth’s solutions, Hamilton Health’s employees notably appreciated how the platform was efficient, fun and easy to use plus they saved $83K in the first year of using the platform. CoreHealth’s coaching tools also provided Hamilton Health the foundation to ramp up and grow their disease management coaching program and pharmacy services.

Meanwhile, in response to growing global traction, CoreHealth has created a guidance tool called “Wellness Compass” that essentially takes care of the programming, designing and wellness program development for wellness providers. “It is a turn-key product and a part of a new solution being developed called the Complete Health Program (CHP) that deals with topics relevant to HR directors including Engagement, Discretionary Effort, Passive Health Risk, Readiness for Change, Productivity and Health,” says Kirby, before stressing that the solution will also aid insurance carriers and employee assistance program providers.

The future is bright for CoreHealth, which is taking an integrated approach that represents a clear departure from previous employee wellness solutions. Its new CHP solution will shift the mentality of modern day organizations to benefit from a holistic and integrated approach to employee health and productivity. “By integrating and linking health and productivity solutions with engagement, and adding supporting tools with our existing capabilities, we will create a higher value product,” concludes Kirby. The comprehensive, new solution is due for release summer 2019!