Corporate Wellness Nutrition by Family Food: A Unique Approach to Corporate Wellness

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Krista Yoder Latortue, Executive Director , Corporate Wellness Nutrition by Family FoodKrista Yoder Latortue, Executive Director
Forward-thinking employers swear by one gospel truth: engaged, energetic, and healthy employees form the backbone of a successful business. Not just a luxury, employee well-being has become an imperative business strategy to help companies gain a competitive edge on multiple levels. Corporate wellness coordinators and HR personnel are perpetually on a quest to implement effective evidence-based nutrition intervention to move the needle on employee health. Their search ends with Pennsylvania-based Family Food, a company that makes reliable nutrition information easily accessible to employees by providing evidence-based, individualized nutrition counseling in convenient locations such as the home or work settings. Krista Yoder Latortue, the Executive Director of the company, emphasizes, “We are relentlessly committed to improving employee health, thereby helping organizations achieve significant ROI and save big dollars in the process.” An accomplished registered dietitian, who is also a Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Krista has helped Family Food catapult to stellar heights since 2009 and continues to enrich its services with her profound expertise in the field.

While other industry peers are vying to be at the cutting edge of corporate wellness, Family Food has cut corners in the market with its nutrition programs that are backed by data—not just numbers and testimonies, but information published in peer-reviewed journals. Krista reckons that companies supporting their wellness programs with such concrete data are going to be long-standing and gain the maximum ROI. Family Food brings in turnkey evidence-based nutrition services provided by registered dietitians, recognized by the National Academy of Medicine as the “single identifiable group of healthcare professionals with standardized education, clinical training, continuing education and national credentialing requirements necessary to be directly reimbursed as a provider of nutrition therapy.”
To keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs for corporate wellness, the company ensures that its services are scalable and can be easily implemented, keeping employees engaged with a positive experience. For instance, Family Food has introduced a virtual grocery store tour on its platform along with various nutrition webinars, group nutrition, and cooking demo videos to complement the in-person nutrition counseling employees receive and empower them.

With a team of highly qualified registered dietitians and nutrition experts, Family Food provides easily accessible, individualized counseling for employees that are customized to their needs. Be it preventative measures to keep chronic diseases at bay or programs to help employees recuperate from diseases, such as diabetes, the one-on-one recommendations guarantee better health outcomes and increased cost savings for organizations. Besides, the Family Food team emphasizes the importance of lifestyle interventions to promote exercising, refrainment from smoking, less consumption of alcohol, to name a few, that work in tandem with good nutrition to mitigate chronic diseases. The certified team also works with the insurance providers of client organizations to make their services financially accessible and viable for all employees. Family Food’s CDC-approved virtual telehealth diabetes prevention program aids in reversing the risk of diabetes in employees, driving down company healthcare costs. “We track employee data closely, and each company we work with gets a data record of the same, on an ongoing basis, to understand how we are impacting the health of their employees,” explains Krista.

Implementing its effective and ingenious services, Family Food assisted one of the largest employers in Philadelphia who was challenged with a low participation rate of employees in wellness programs. Rolling out Family Food’s individualized, customized nutrition services and diabetes prevention program to all their employees, the client could significantly boost employee participation.

For its unique approach to employee nutrition, Family Food has numerous accolades to its name. Aiming to continue its innovative strides in the field of corporate wellness, the company is looking at enhancing its diabetes prevention program further with the help of registered dietitians.