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Greg McLoughlin, CEO. Andrew Stephenson, VP, North America, HBD InternationalGreg McLoughlin, CEO. Andrew Stephenson, VP, North America
Many corporate wellness programs make tall promises to promote positive health outcomes and control health costs but rarely deliver. A major contributing factor in achieving that goal is having a workforce that is adequately engaged. You can’t just engage the high-risk people and those already interested in health, it must be the majority of the workforce proactively managing their health and lifestyle behaviors in order to achieve results.
Wellness programs that are built on short-run campaigns, that are reliant on incentives, or that simply engage an insufficient portion of the workforce will not maximize the measurable impact on employee experience, employee health, and organizational performance. This doesn’t mean that organizations cannot attain the real value of corporate wellness; it just needs to be done through programs that can ensure consistent and active engagement. HBD International, a corporate wellness organization, is uniquely positioned to address this demand. Through its wellness programs that focus on overcoming physical health risks, building mental fitness, resilience, and ergonomics, the company achieves proactive prevention, bytruly reaching and engagingan organization’s entire population.

HBD’s journey started in Australia, a country where employers don’t provide healthcare coverage to their employees. Through needing to develop effective wellness programs for Australian employers without leaning on major incentives, HBD developed innovative methodology that achieves consistent and active engagement of total work populations. The company brings to the table wellness programs that make a measurable impact on employee experience, employee health, injury rates and overall organizational performance. HBD achieves this by actively engaging a much larger proportion of the employee population longer term. While most wellness companies focus on managing people already at risk, HBD takes a different approach. The company brings a preventive approach using lifestyle and behavioral changes to intervene before the employees’ health condition worsens. By engaging people who are both at risk, as well as those not yet at risk, the company lowers major cost drivers and performance inhibitors to more sustainably manage health and workforce costs. “We achieve higher rates of behavioral change resulting in greater shifts in a group’s physical and mental health indicators,” mentions Andrew Stephenson, VP, North America, at HBD International.

Realizing that mental health and resilience are major contributors to both physical health and

We enable people to make proactive changes in their lifestyle, which dramatically improves their physical and mental health

productivity, the company offers unique programs to promote mental well-being. ThroughHBD’s programs, employees can make personalized lifestyle changes to help them thrive via improved resiliency and their ability to manage stress. While most companies rely on reactive disease management options to treat people in crisis, HBD engages with them early to prevent burnout. “Early-stage interventions allow us to implement proven preventive strategies to enhance mental fitness,” says Stephenson.

As most health and wellness providers offer niche products that target specific risks in the wellness space, most organizations are forced to mix multiple vendors in an attempt to build a comprehensive program. From an HR management perspective, dealing with multiple vendors that deliver disparate pieces of an overall program is an arduous task that often still leaves gaps. To address this challenge, HBD comes with a comprehensive health and wellness solution that is tailored to meet its client’s multiple unique workforce health and performance risks. Moreover, they can consolidate and layer executive health and performance, general population health and well-being, as well as ergonomics and injury prevention to deliver a comprehensive and consolidated wellness program. They build a wellness program that fits an organization’s workflow and enables employees to engage with it organically. This ensures regular and consistent engagement and aids the progressive education of their workforce. As the program advances, the company adapts and continues to evolve their content to keep pace with modern trends. For example, in 2019many organizations focused on general healthand injury prevention but then needed to pivot toward mental resilience and work-life balance in the post-pandemic world. “Having established relationships and routine engagement with an employee population before the pandemic allowed us to be nimble and shift the focus of the support in real-time as employee’s needs rapidly evolved,” reflects Stephenson.

HBD’s innovative corporate wellness programs outperform wellness industry benchmarks by four times. While many players in the market engage about 20 percent of their client workforce, HBD brings a significantly higher rate of 80 percent. Although the company comes with diverse wellness capabilities, recent demand has increased for their more targeted executive health and resilience programs that utilize individual brain chemistry science, as well as health, resilience, and ergonomic assistance for organizations that have embraced new work from home practices. If you’re serious about creating value from a comprehensive workforce health management program, HBD International deserves your consideration.
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Greg McLoughlin, CEO. Andrew Stephenson, VP, North America

HBD International is a corporate wellness organization. Through its wellness programs that focus on physical health risks, mental fitness, resilience, and ergonomics, the company is able to achieve proactive risk prevention by truly reaching and engaging an organization’s entire work population. For 25 years, their programs have achieved global best outcomes in terms of sustained, non-incentivized program engagement and measured health risk reduction. The company’s comprehensive programs can address specific risks, such as MSK injuries, or mental health, or they can be combined in incredibly comprehensive consolidated programs that integrate health, safety, and high-performance without the need to promote multiple vendors or separate program components. They are simple to manage, easy for employees to engage and navigate, and most importantly, provide competitive measurable outcomes.