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Boy Lokhoff, CEO and Co-Founder, Healthy WorkersBoy Lokhoff, CEO and Co-Founder
As the common industry saying goes, ‘A healthy workforce is a happy workforce.’ And with a little investment in prioritizing employees’ health and wellbeing, an organization can express their commitment in improving employees’ quality of life, both inside and outside of work. Employees want to feel valued as human beings who need support across the board, right from a welcoming office environment to an understanding company culture and strong health and wellbeing support.On an additional note, focusing on employee wellness not only benefits the employee. The businesses reap the rewards too. A happy employee will always be more engaged, productive and morally uplifted while handing a task.

Taking note of this essential factor contributing to the success of the company, businesses have started investing in their employees by the billions. However, what to improve is generally based on guesswork, without being able to deliver a streamlined strategy. That’s why, Amsterdam based Healthy Workers is making it their mission to improve wellbeing at work by measuring it. The company combines environmental data with science-based people analytics, to uncover actionable insights which drives a company to invest in the best interventions that suit their employees. With their continuous loop of data collection, analysis and improvement, Healthy Workers help businesses and employees reach their full potential.

Their platform acts like a 3-piece puzzle that serves the purpose of an employee app, sensor data provider, and management dashboard, and respectively. The employee app helps to keep employees posted and let them share their work experience in the app, while also collecting workplace feedback and monitoring their wellbeing. Through tags, employees can share their work experiences with managers.
They can easily pick one of the predefined workplace topics or add their own. By tagging it to a specific spot or space in the workplace, the management instantly knows where to look – and what to improve.

At the same time, to deliver a real ambient experience, the group pf experts at Healthy Workers map out the work environment & indoor climate of workplaces by continuously measuring the physical aspects with sensor data. They continuously measure the indoor climate with ‘plug-and-play’ sensors — ranging from temperature, humidity, acoustics, to occupancy rate.

Also, since workspaces with a strong connection to nature have a positive influence on employee wellbeing, they deliver beautiful plants to large businesses as it’s scientifically proven that plants improve indoor acoustics at large. Concurrently, acting like a management dashboard, the platform also analyses employees’ feedback or sensor data — or both, and helps the management to find out what employees’ demands with actionable insights – to keep them posted about the improvement process.

Now that’s a few of the surfeit of benefits that can one get from the intuitive platform. But, beneath the surface, the B3 (Building, Body, and Business)model is what forms the holistic foundation of Healthy Workers’ real-time platform. It comprehensively identifies all factors in the workplace that influence employee wellbeing.

The Building domain allows an organization to measure the work environment and how employees experience it physically. The Body domain identifies physical factors in the indoor climate & work environment to measure the individual wellbeing of employees. And finally, the business domain targets organizational factors that influence wellbeing at work — like leadership commitment and promoting a wellbeing culture. Combined, they allow the Healthy Workers team to get the data needed to measure and improve the wellbeing of employees effectively.

Last but not least, the state-of-the-art platform by Healthy Workers comes in 3 sizes to make it accessible for medium & large businesses. It can flexibly grow or shrink according to the organization’s requirements. Regardless of Essentials or Premium category, a customer will always get the right platform to match their business’ size and needs. Whichever plan they pick, and Healthy Workers is always ready to be by their side, paving the way to smart workspaces, and not to mention, healthy employees.
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Healthy Workers

Healthy Workers


Boy Lokhoff, CEO and Co-Founder

Healthy Workers combine environmental data with science-based people analytics, to uncover actionable insights that create the best workplace environment to optimise employee engagement and productivity