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Gaurav Goomer, Founder & CEO, MyLifeWellGaurav Goomer, Founder & CEO Wellness seeks more than the absence of illness; it searches for new levels of excellence. Beyond any disease-free neutral point, wellness dedicates its efforts to our total well-being – in body, mind, and spirit”- Greg Anderson.

These lines by the bestselling author of books on health and inspiration are a true testament to the changing landscape of well-being in business environments. With hectic schedules at the workplace and busy lifestyles, well-being often takes a backseat, leading to stress, anger, anxiety, depression, and other disorders. A holistic approach to well-being is the need of the hour to encapsulate every facet of employee health, from physical to mental and emotional well-being. Against this backdrop, MyLifeWell rises to the occasion with its state-of-the-art wellness program that improves personal and social well-being for organizations’ workforce. The company’s solutions bring back wellness in everyday life and make it accessible, enabling employees to embark on a seamless journey toward optimal health.

The Great Resignation is not a Misnomer

The mental well-being of employees has emerged as one of the biggest concerns for organizations post-pandemic. Almost every sector is experiencing post-pandemic tremors in which employees are resigning or reshuffling their jobs en masse due to stress, anxiety, and other mental issues. Most organizations are concerned about the well-being of their workforce but are unable to procure a suitable solution to help them out of their predicament.

To this end, MyLifeWell’s comprehensive all-in-one wellness platform combines all health and wellness needs to help employees lead a happy lifestyle. “Our integrated and seamless platform provides all the tools to streamline an employee’s wellness journey and assists them at each step of the way,” states Gaurav Goomer, CEO/Founder, MyLifeWell. The platform offers classes and renders inbuilt nutrition trackers and healthy recipes to foster an active lifestyle for physical well-being. Further, the platform has built groups and communities for communication and help employees stay in contact with colleagues to improve the social well-being of the clients’ employees. Even family members of employees can join the platform to keep in touch and discuss health and wellness. Alongside physical and social well-being, the MyLifeWell platform has separate modules for meditation and mindfulness to improve the mental well-being of the employees.

Moreover, MyLifeWell focuses on improving clients’ culture for a better-engaged workforce to improve talent acquisition and retention. The company works hand in hand with the clients’ HR team to understand their solutions, practices, and processes around employee health and wellness. The company bridges the gaps and mitigates any challenges by creating a sustainable company culture around mental health and wellbeing. “We focus on the two pillars communication and education to help clients address mental wellness and retention challenges,” informs Goomer.

Well-Oiled Methodologies to Improve Well Being

MyLifeWell has a comprehensive and streamlined methodology to help its clients embark on the total wellness journey. The approach consists of three phases: the pre onboarding phase, the onboarding phase, and the post onboarding phase. The first phase involves understanding the requirements and creating a program, including the rollout, incentive, and communication plan in conjunction with the clients’ management team.
During the onboarding phase, the company ensures that the employees have access to all the relevant materials, including the marketing data and other relevant information needed for seamless initiations.

Once the employees have all the relevant materials, MyLifeWell follows a continuous implementation cycle in the post-onboarding phase with step-by-step processes to ensure a smooth client journey. The first step of the continuous implementation cycle starts with the confidential health assessment of employees, which employees can take at the time of their choice. Based on that assessment, all the employees get a personalized report that includes the most significant health risk areas where they can start focusing on kicking start their wellness journey.

In the next step, the company provides classes, blogs, and live seminars to educate the clients and their employees on the different areas of wellness. The educational materials cover various topics to help employees overcome stress, anxiety, depression, and wellbeing-related issues. Additionally, employees can consult MyLifeWell’s in house experts (nutritionists, life coaches, fitness instructors, yoga coaches) for any further queries. “We adopt a proactive approach, where our in-house experts reach out to the employees and educate them on a variety of topics regarding total well-being,” says Goomer.

Our Integrated and Seamless Platform Provides All the Tools to Streamline an Employee’s Wellness Journey and Assists Them at Each Step of the Way

At this juncture, employees are well versed with all the information regarding their well-being and are ready to move further into their wellness journey. Subsequently, MyLifeWell designs challenges and programs based on employees’ risk areas and lessons to help them work toward their wellness goals. Also, as motivation plays a prominent role in ensuring uninterrupted participation, the company provides a slew of necessary tools and incentives to help employees maintain the momentum throughout the journey. The MyLifeWell platform has an inbuilt tracker, point system, and rewards which, along with the groups and communities, play a prominent role in keeping employees motivated in their wellness journey. Finally, the last step in the continuous implementation cycle is data analysis and optimization. At this stage, the company analyses data on its strategies’ overall performance and how well they resonated with the clients’ workforce. Based on the study, MyLifeWell devises game plans to eliminate any chinks in its armor.

Delivering Optimum Personalization and Customization

Acknowledging that wellness is a personal journey, MyLifeWell offers superior levels of personalization and customization on its platform for clients and their employees. The company enables clients to custom brand the platform with brand colors, logos, and home screen per their preference. MyLifeWell platform even allows clients to integrate other plans such as 401(k) plan, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), financial planning, and others to act as a true one-stop solution. The platform enables them to create personalized wellness calendars at the employee level by choosing from more than 5000 different activities that fit their bill. The platform has several other personalization features for the employees, including personalizing notifications and break reminder settings.
Accompanying these services is the company’s impeccable support that allows clients’ HR teams to manage employees’ wellness journey effortlessly. For instance, if the HR teams want to create a new group or activity, MyLifeWell assumes the entire responsibility of creating and assigning the groups or activity to clients’ employees without their intervention. Besides, as most HR managers are inquisitive about wellness travel services, the company also has tie-ups with multiple wellness resorts and retreats worldwide to curate a perfect vacation for employees.

A Company Born Out Of Personal Experience

After working in the corporate world for a few years, Goomer wanted to take a step back and inculcate wellness in his life. However, to his dismay, he discovered that all the existing wellness solutions were fragmented and did not offer services that met his needs. Most of the solutions were either too focused on physical health, mental wellness, or just on the coaching and nutrition side of well-being. Thus, he took the onus on himself and laid the cornerstone of MyLifeWell to deliver end-to-end wellness for all.
  • Communication and education are two of the pillars we focus on the most to help clients address the challenges around mental wellness and retention

From global tech companies to city governments and NGOs working on the international stage, several organizations have leveraged MyLifeWell’s platform to improve their employees’ well-being. A case in point is a global client’s success story with consultants scattered across different locations, which constituted almost 70 percent of their workforce. Hence, the client was facing issues in actively engaging their workforce throughout the wellness program. Subsequently, they entrusted MyLifeWell to complete the uphill task. The company created a 90-day strategy since the first 90 days are the most crucial for successfully implementing the wellness program.

At first, MyLifeWell created clear and concise communication material around the program benefits and ensured that all those materials were being used throughout clients’ internal communication channels. Thereafter, the company appointed a few wellness ambassadors within the clients’ team that were actively participating in the programs to encourage and communicate the program’s benefits to their colleagues. MyLifeWell also launched a few challenges to improve engagement even further. Then, the company followed its step-by-step methodologies, culminating in greater employee participation. As a result, the company exceeded clients’ expectations by doubling the number of consultants that were engaged in the program within the first 90 days.

As a nascent organization, MyLifeWell has already created a mark for itself with its innovative approach to well-being. Garnering a significant number of accolades and client satisfaction, the company has a well-laid-out plan for its future. At the moment, it is creating one of the most extensive health and wellness rewards portals for employers to help them improve employees’ engagement in the wellness program. Further, as the demand for wellness travel has picked up among employers, MyLifeWell envisages integrating wellness travel plans on its platform in the near future.
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Gaurav Goomer, Founder & CEO

MyLifeWell offers a comprehensive all-in-one health platform to improve personal and social well-being for organizations' workforce.