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Daniel A. Etra, CEO		, Rethink BenefitsDaniel A. Etra, CEO
Around the world, employers are increasingly concerned about the health and wellbeing issues presented by the escalating coronavirus pandemic. In addition to bringing potentially lethal physical health consequences for workforces, the crisis is causing mental health implications such as stress, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, which can be equally devastating. For example, the inability to go to work, the lack of services for dependents that have a developmental disability, and the additional stress placed on a caregiver—who are trying to balance work and family—has really heightened the need for digital solutions.

No one is immune from the multiple stressors being caused by the current crisis. So, what can business leaders do differently to improve the health and wellbeing stamina of their workforce?

The answer is with Rethink Benefits, a NY-based behavioral health technology solution provider that empowers people with developmental and cognitive challenges at home and at work and supports their caregivers and managers with cloud-based tools, training, and clinical support. “Our core platform enables organizations to provide effective and affordable clinical best practice treatment tools to support caregivers in understanding, teaching, and communicating better with their dependents and managers to allow their neurodiverse colleagues to be successful in the workplace,” says Daniel A. Etra, CEO, Rethink. Alongside, the Rethink platform combines a clinical best practice approach to behavioral intervention with a clinically validated form of training—video modeling—to train users on how to implement interventions in a best practice manner.

On the back end, the platform also helps them track progress. “All of this is done in an automated and scalable manner. It is a straightforward, easy-to-use mobile platform that places powerful tools at an employee caregiver’s or manager’s fingertips,” adds Etra. Rethink also offers the ability for caregivers to connect with clinicians to help them with strategies and offer clinical support. The firm currently works with over 200 major corporations employing north of three and a half million employees. In fact, more than seven million individuals on the employer side have access to Rethink Benefits’ wellness program.

It is a straightforward, easy-to-use mobile platform that places powerful tools at an employee caregiver’s fingertips

Rethink Benefits saw an increased demand for its namesake platform last year. To that end, the firm acquired Whil, a digital provider of mindfulness, stress resilience, mental well-being, and sustainable performance solutions in early 2021.

“This acquisition allows us to offer a complete solution to our employer customers, focusing not just on employee caregivers and the challenges they face in meeting the needs of their dependents with mental instability but also taking care of those employees and their mental health issues,” explains Etra. The Whil partnership builds upon Rethink’s ability to provide clinically validated and science-based solutions to those in need of mental and behavioral health support, while accelerating innovation in the industry. “By combining our expertise and clinically validated content in applied behavior analysis, social, and emotional learning and neurodiversity with Whil’s evidence-based approach in neuroscience, mindfulness, positive psychology, and adult learning theory, we will be able to offer an unmatched depth and breadth of digital well-being solutions to our clients,” asserts Etra.

More recently, the firm added a whole suite of content to support neuro-diverse employees—employees with non-visible and non-physical disabilities. “The idea is to support the workforce in three core areas: parenting (whether that is addressing the developmental disability or mental health needs of their dependents), professional (supporting employees in the workplace with a neuro-diverse conditions), and personal (helping employees with their own mental health issues),” remarks Etra.

Rethink aims to be a one-stop-solution for all mental health and behavioral health needs of a workforce, going all the way from employees themselves down to their dependents, and to be one of the leading digital behavioral health companies in the marketplace. “Our program is assembled. We have got the necessary elements needed for our platform and are in the process of rolling it out to corporations, globally,” concludes Etra.
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Rethink Benefits

New York City, NY

Daniel A. Etra, CEO

Provides effective and affordable clinical best practice treatment tools to support employees caring for individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities, learning delays or behavior challenges