Training Amigo: The Best of Modern Workforce Wellness

Nathan Figg, CEO, Training AmigoNathan Figg, CEO
The rapid evolution in technology has placed the success rate of businesses in direct correlation with their employees’ wellness, morale, and on-the-job efficiency. Accordingly, companies are investing in wellness programs to improve workforce motivation. However, given the level of complexity, resources, and cost involved, small and mid-sized businesses find it difficult to get their wellness program off the ground.

“The marketplace lacks a robust software platform for small businesses and mid-level enterprises to easily manage employee wellness and engagement,” says Nathan Figg, CEO of Training Amigo. Addressing this market gap, Training Amigo offers an affordable, easy-to-use, gamified, and cloud-based corporate wellness platform to inspire a healthy, engaged work environment. Aligning with the company’s goals and objectives, Training Amigo’s wellness platform tracks user actions on-site and in real-time, helping managers learn more about company-wide health and identify potential problem areas. “We also cater benefits to brokers who are leveraging our software to better support their clients,” Figg adds.

Training Amigo’s platform allows employees to set personalized wellness goals, from simple weight loss to marathon training. Users can take wellness assessments to take charge of their own health, and use Training Amigo’s gamification and rewards features to reach their goals. “Our cloud-based platform tracks every action of the user giving complete insights to the client to engage their employees in a better way.” Training Amigo understands the dynamic goals of every client and its employees and offers various engagement features and services to help them engage in wellness suitably.

In addition, the “health and wellness coaching” add-on service addresses growing health concerns among employees. After taking an initial well-being assessment, the powerful AI can pinpoint potential risk areas and direct users on “wellness adventures” to help change unhealthy behavior, from smoking to a sedentary lifestyle. With a dedicated team of content curators, including health professionals and nutrition experts, Training Amigo also offers “daily tips and Virtual Lunch and Learns” for users hoping to improve their diet, lose weight, detoxify their body, begin a weight-training program, and improve sleep habits among countless others.

Admins can leverage data to ascertain general well-being, potential health risks, company culture, morale, and identify areas of concern to improve employee retention. Competitions can even be organized against other companies. With automated email notifications and reminders for the staff, organizations can tailor these events according to their goals. “Our event management and communication features help admins manage or create events like health fairs, flu-shots, or biometric screenings with just a few clicks,” explains Figg.

We’re confident our wellness program can address health risks, manage wellness goals, and help people to lead healthier and happier lives

The real-time data analytics provides clients with valuable insights into their employees and company events with accurate annual reports. Once tedious tasks like implementing wellness programs, allocating resources, and optimizing workforce engagement are now simplified with Training Amigo’s company dashboard. With the online wellness portal, brokers can provide more value to their clients by employing real-time data analytics quickly and seamlessly. With Training Amigo’s robust data and software, including a full-service mobile app, corporate wellness’ return on investment has never been higher.

Figg highlights a unique feature of the platform—the ability to license the software to the broker giving them the capability to manage clients better using Training Amigo as their wellness solution. This saves the brokers a lot of time in servicing their clients. With Training Amigo’s online wellness portal, brokers can provide more value to their clients by employing real-time data analytics quickly and seamlessly.

As an ace in the employee wellness arena, Training Amigo has helped numerous companies manage their workforce engagement to boost productivity. In one instance, the company helped a financial institution to organize, manage and create events and challenges for their employees in less than a minute. This enabled the financial institution to engage better and motivate their workforce while the employees enjoyed various procedures in the wellness training program.

In perspective of companies’ unique workforce goals and budget, Training Amigo tailors its platform around the client’s needs with simplified pricing. The platform is divided into three tiers, each with its own set of software and service options to choose from. “Our platform can be purchased and tailored at budget-friendly prices starting at $95 per month,” says Figg. Even the most basic tier includes premium features like wellness analytics, engagement data, streamlined communication, and automation tools.

Being one of the primes in the wellness space to deploy this service, Training Amigo aims to support companies that cannot afford a certified health professional to support employees across different locations. Training Amigo’svirtual lunch-and-learn service incorporates videos from health professionals for employees to watch and implement in their daily routines. The company’s “wellness library” contains a treasure trove of short, pithy videos featuring focus-building exercise routines that employees can perform at home, at their desk, or during their lunch break.

“Our motto is: ‘Life is better with an amigo,’” says Figg. “This is the heart of everything we do. We’re confident our wellness program can address health risks, manage wellness goals, and help people to lead healthier and happier lives.”