Vida Health: Revitalizing the Workforce

Stephanie Tilenius, Founder & CEO, Vida HealthStephanie Tilenius, Founder & CEO
At a bustling café in the middle of the Financial District, an anxious office worker sits down with macchiato in hand for a rare moment of reprieve. Caught in the vicious cycle of overworking, overeating, and overstressing, the pressure has taken a toll, resulting in multiple chronic conditions—diabetes, hypertension, low back pain, and depression. Naturally, his productivity has slumped to an all-time low.

Perturbed at the loss of productivity across employees, coupled with skyrocketing healthcare costs, the HR team at the man’s employer was uncertain how to best help employees regain their health and well-being. Vendor fatigue had set in from sourcing and managing a broad set of point solutions. So had skepticism around the ability of existing solutions to engage employees and produce real health outcomes.

Enter Vida Health, a versatile and user-friendly personalized health platform for chronic disease management. Vida’s unique approach meets each individual where they’re at, based on their existing health conditions, health goals, preferences, and motivations. Its full suite of programs across chronic conditions makes it distinctly positioned to address comorbidities, key given the fact that many employees battle multiple chronic conditions. Delivered through a mobile app, Vida enables an always-on experience for employees. Its consumer-first, personalized approach makes for a delightful and lightweight user experience, driving engagement and proven health outcomes.

As for the employee, he loses 32 pounds working through his personalized Vida program and over the course of ten months lowers his A1C from 8.9 to 6.3, a huge milestone. He also connects with a licensed therapist through Vida who helps him manage his mild depression. As a result, the employee goes off his medications, and returns to work with renewed zeal. The HR team is thrilled at the huge impact their partner has on improving the health of their employees, and the company’s bottom line.

“Fortune 500 companies are experiencing meaningful improvements in employee health and well-being after deploying Vida. We are seeing the efficacy of Vida’s tailored and person-centric programs in addressing challenging comorbidities and improving members’ health with behavior change and healthy habits,” says Stephanie Tilenius, CEO and Founder of Vida. Bolstering the few hours per year an active patient spends with healthcare providers, Vida brings their network of health experts, nutritionists, and licensed therapists to bear, providing members always-on health guidance and support easily accessible from any mobile device.

We are seeing the efficacy of Vida’s tailored and person-centric programs in addressing challenging comorbidities and improving members’ health

With Vida, 75 percent of members with hypertension reduced their condition by at least one stage, and 64 percent of members with depression reduced their symptoms through Vida’s cognitive behavioral therapy program. Furthermore, members enrolled in the company’s CDC-recognized diabetes prevention program lost an average of seven percent of their body in six months. Rounding out Vida’s full suite solution are its programs for exercise, weight loss, diabetes management, stress management, anxiety, and depression. The company also recently launched new programs for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, COPD, and asthma.

Members download the Vida app onto their mobile phones and get matched to programs based on their unique health needs. They choose a health coach from Vida’s network of experienced and vetted professionals, and stay in touch with their coach through in-app messaging and video or audio consults. The app also provides ongoing guidance and support in the way of tailored program content, interactive practices, medication tracking, activity tracking, and more. The company also partners with existing wellness hubs like Castlight-Jiff, Vitality, Meliora and others.

For enterprises, Vida can support in administering health risk assessments and biometric screens, and also ingests this data to identify employees most likely to benefit from their services, and to support program personalization. Furthermore, Vida employs real-time eligibility verification to ensure the service is available for the right members.

Down the line, Vida is focused on enhancing its programs and product to fully realize its vision of personalized health for all. “We plan to add more content and programs to drive the best member experience, and to partner with large providers to continue scaling our reach and impact,” says Tilenius.