WebMD Health Services: A People-First Well-Being Program

John Harrison, SVP of Client Experience, WebMD Health ServicesJohn Harrison, SVP of Client Experience
Employee well-being is the linchpin within a workplace that directly impacts an organization’s productivity and success. An average adult spends about 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime, which is approximately one-third of the adult life, indicating that jobs play a significant role in the quality of life. And so, emphasizing employee health and well-being contributes heavily to an employee’s overall engagement within a business. Creating an environment that promotes a state of contentment and allows employees to flourish and achieve their full potential is vital. With over 17 years of experience driving positive behavior changes, WebMD Health Services, a leading provider of health information services, offers organizations workspace wellness programs through its public and private online portals, mobile platforms, and health-focused publications. “Our core offering is a digital platform that provides coaching, challenges, activities, and plans to help improve the quality of life of our consumers,” affirms John Harrison, SVP of Client Experience at WebMD.

WebMD’s portfolio of services ranges from a Health Assessment and biometric screening to a Device and App Connection Center and various digital health coaching tools. WebMD’s digital Health Assessment is a questionnaire that quizzes the consumer about their current health and lifestyle habits. A health score, which provides the complete picture of an individual’s health, is provided based on the assessment. Individuals can compare this result against others of the same age group to know how healthy they are and what health risks they should be concerned about. The Device and App Connection Center is a flexible digital environment where third-party integrations such as wearables can be connected. These wearables monitor and track key health indicators, and encourage better well-being by sending push notifications about missed tasks and reminders and personalized tips on staying healthy.

WebMD’s ability to deliver programs that provide comprehensive, integrated, and personalized experiences makes it a long-standing and a trusted brand in the healthcare and well-being space

In order to make the overall experience interesting, WebMD provides Wellness Challenges that create friendly competition between WebMD users and makes it easier to develop good health and well-being habits.

What truly makes WebMD standout in the marketplace is their Health and Wellness Coaching. “We have conducted over 3.3 million coaching sessions with consumers,” remarks Harrison. The company provides personalized, one-on-one lifestyle coaching as well as specialty coaching programs that target specific health needs. These programs address everything from managing health issues like diabetes, coronary artery disease, and smoking as well as stress management, and provides better nutrition and diet plans to guide individuals to lead a healthy life. In one instance, WebMD collaborated with a large communications company, which turned to them for help regarding their employees’ well-being. WebMD developed a specialized weight management coaching program tailored to the unique needs of their client’s employees. The results surpassed the expectations of the client: there was an average weight loss of 8.8 pounds per participant. Additionally, the client also noticed a 75 percent coaching program completion rate and a 40 percent increase in the visits to the company’s well-being platform. “Our directed efforts not only resulted in positive outcomes for one program but led our client to launch a broader coaching program with us for more than 100,000 employees,” proclaims Harrison.

WebMD has over 74 million eligible users in the U.S. that have access to their digital platform. The company’s ability to deliver programs that provide comprehensive, integrated, and personalized experiences makes it a long-standing and a trusted brand in the healthcare and well-being space. In the days to come, WebMD will release a brand new experience called WebMD ONESM. “This version will bring in a combination of AI, ML, and other capabilities to hyper-personalize and deliver unique experiences based on individual priorities and preferences,” concludes Harrison.