Wellness Workdays: Creating a Culture of Health

Debra Wein, Founder & CEO, Wellness WorkdaysDebra Wein, Founder & CEO
There is no denying the fact that corporate wellness and productivity go hand in hand. Numerous studies have documented decreased absenteeism and healthcare costs, increased employee retention, and greater productivity among others, as the tangible benefits of an all-encompassing wellness program. ‘Enabling employers to create a culture of health’ is what best describes Wellness Workdays, a company that excels in the corporate wellness realm with its innovative and customized programs and technology. Wellness Workdays’ programs are aligned with the future of well-being that is high touch, outcomes-based programs driven by data and technology, with a definite emphasis on nutrition that is the foundation of wellness.

“Our wellness technology portal combined with a skilled team of certified wellness program managers and directors, masters-level nutritionists, certified personal trainers and coaches, and nationally recognized lecturers, offers a personalized approach to wellness,” begins Debra Wein, founder and CEO of Wellness Workdays.

Wellness Workdays’ wellness portal, a highly customizable incentive system and tracking tool, includes self-directed programs where employees personally drive their goals and behaviors in areas such as nutrition, weight management, stress, financial wellness, disease prevention, and management. “We develop every program by taking into account each organization’s culture, as well as the needs and interests of the employees to tailor customized programs that are critical to wellness success. Our hands-on approach means we are onsite, getting to know our clients’ employees and motivating them to become healthier,” says Debra.

As a strategic partner, the Wellness Workdays team develops surveys and tools to ascertain programs that interest and engage employees, conducts biometric screenings to determine the medical issues impacting the overall population, and employs a scientific approach to develop custom-tailored programs that are fun and engaging. “Each aspect of our program is developed using evidence-based conclusions from research in nutrition, fitness, and worksite wellness,” affirms the CEO.
Unlike other wellness organizations, Wellness Workdays does not abide by a stereotyped approach. Rather, it implements a four-step methodology to promote employee health. As the first step, the Wellness Workdays team conducts an assessment to determine the key initiatives for the clients and their employees, followed by a comprehensive strategy incorporating goals and objectives, focusing on critical business issues pertaining to wellness. “We effectively target the entire employee population, not just those at risk,” says Debra. The strong evaluation measures that are in place and the regular reporting provided by the team keep clients assured of achieving the desired outcomes.

Each aspect of our program is developed using evidence-based conclusions from research in nutrition, fitness, and worksite wellness

“Our clients have experienced engagement rates between 60-80 percent and sometimes even 90 percent owing to our four-step process,” states Debra.

In an implementation highlight, a financial institution with 1000+ employees needed an easy-to-implement wellness program in more than 100 locations. It had to be convenient for all employees regardless of location or job function. “By applying our proprietary, four-step wellness process, we were able to successfully boast high participation rates of over 60 percent and a cost savings of more than $325,000 in the first year,” says Debra.

The company’s completely customizable and scalable platform supports any type of health and wellness programs and integration with other vendors, partners, and health trackers. The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) certified platform that is accessible from a desktop, mobile device, or tablet, can manage existing programs and new clients with a minimum setup time while enabling employers to track the program results with 90+ standardized reports.

Wellness Workdays has been selected by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to conduct a worksite wellness study for a project worth $2.5 million. Wellness Workdays’ proprietary technology plays a significant role in the project – both for the employees participating in the study and for the quantitative research it will provide. “The study findings will provide information on ROI that can inform the development and expansion of wellness programs to employers throughout the nation,” concludes the CEO.