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Top 10 Emerging Companies in Employee Wellness - 2022

In today’s post-pandemic world, employee wellness has become a key topic of discussion within the business world. Regardless of its size and area of operation, every organization has started to undertake several measures to promote healthy lifestyles among employees and their dependents. But why has employee wellness become an integral part of the corporate strategy? The answer lies within the disruptions that the pandemic has brought.

There is no way to deny that Covid-19 has brought a once-in-a-lifetime shift. It has taught people the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Simultaneously, they also expect their employers to support their health goals and objectives. In the present situation, businesses without a proper employee wellness strategy struggle to hire talented people and retain them. A prime example of this is the trend of “great resignation.”

Hybrid or remote working is another trend driving organizations to consider their wellness initiatives seriously. Without daily interactions with colleagues, many employees are becoming emotionally vulnerable – add to this the continuous performance pressure. All these factors are hindering people’s productivity, which can be detrimental to businesses.

Employee wellness is no longer a ‘nice to have’ strategy; it has direct impacts on the bottom line of a business. This is the high time for organizations to implement the right employee benefit programs that can truly drive positive outcomes for them. However, it often becomes a cumbersome affair for the HR personnel to design the right strategy and balance their daily responsibilities – given their busy schedule. The situation necessitates organizations to find the right partner with extensive experience in architecting comprehensive employee benefit programs, going beyond the traditional manual programs.

In this edition of HR Tech Outlook, we present you with a list of emerging leaders in the employee wellness space. They have the experience, passion, and knowledge to revamp this space.

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    Top Emerging Companies in Employee Wellness

  • MyLifeWell offers a comprehensive all-in-one health platform to improve personal and social well-being for organizations' workforce.

  • Altitude designs a wide range of workout programs and diet plans based on an individual’s functional body composition that not only makes their bodies look good but also gives them the strength, endurance, and conditioning for working efficiently

  • Taylor Made Wellness helps partners build a culture of wellbeing and action, leading to a healthier and happier employee bases

  • 360 Corporate Wellness

    360 Corporate Wellness

    Wellness360 is an highly customizable employee wellness platform that promotes employee wellbeing and create a positive workplace culture

  • Be Fit Biz

    Be Fit Biz

    Be Fit Biz helps develop and execute a comprehensive wellness program, encompassing employee education, hands-on training, consultation, and so on

  • Bloom’d


    Bloom’d takes a mind-body approach to employee wellness and are committed to helping organizations offer robust, affordable, and convenient classes to their employees at the workplace

  • F3 Wellness Connections

    F3 Wellness Connections

    F3 focuses on programs for individuals who want to achieve maximum wellness; residential wellness for luxury apartment communities, and corporate wellness programs for mid to large organizations

  • Workplace Wellness

    Workplace Wellness

    Workplace Wellness offers safe and affordable on-site chiropractic and rehabilitation services to employee focused companies

  • YogaHub


    YogaHub offers on-site and virtual employee wellness classes, workshops and fitness classes for business organizations

  • ZenVR


    ZenVR combines the structure and teachings of real-world classes in the practice of meditation with the immersion of VR