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Top 10 Employee Wellness Companies in Europe - 2019

Employee wellness is one of the foremost concerns of enterprises today because the greatest asset of a company is its people. But as companies try to improve productivity, they are inevitably facing an employee burnout crisis from overworking employees in Europe. Wellness management companies are creating platforms that provide practical tools to help employees prevent their burnout while also providing employers the insights to build a happier and more productive workforce.

Employee wellbeing implies more than just health and wellness programs. Keeping this in mind, employee wellness management businesses are collaborating with proptech companies to build platforms that improve workers’ happiness and productivity by making their working environments more comfortable. Software platforms make office buildings more intelligent using objective sensor-data along with subjective data from employees. There are community support apps as well that help people with depression to manage their condition. More and more workplaces are bringing in mini-clinics and vaccination into the workplace to encourage patients to get inoculated in risky seasons. Another example involves an app that applies AI and digital technology to create various tools that help solve “the abuses of time” that workers typically face in the modern workplace.

In this edition, we have analyzed hundreds of Employee Wellness solution and service providers and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the employee wellness arena. The featured companies offer top-notch solutions and services and are forerunners that have exhibited in-depth expertise in the employee wellness space.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Employee Wellness Companies in Europe - 2019.”

    Top Employee Wellness Companies in Europe

  • Joy Corporate helps clients overcome challenges of communication in employee wellness programs by supporting the development and implementation of internal communication strategies across all social media channels, including ongoing content and specific campaigns. The company also creates flyers, posters and content for the client’s platforms, including text, video, and photo. Joy Corporate also enables clients overcomes legal, ethical, and practical ramifications to attain objectives like better health, increased productivity and improved morale by creating health and well-being roadmaps. This way clients can understand how they can achieve their goals

  • Sanctifly has come up with a hack that will result in a healthy business traveler, year on year. Sanctifly focuses on the proverbial ‘Me Time’ to provide a getaway to the beleaguered body of the business traveler. Simply put, Sanctifly allows business travelers to opt for more healthier choices during the travel downtime than resort to drinking, shopping, or ‘chomping steaks at the airport.’ It can be anything that makes the business traveler feel better. A walk, shower, Yoga, massage, or chill by the swimming pool can reboot the human body and mental regimen

  • Denmark-based Sumondo is an innovative healthcare technology company that brings a new approach to perfect the art of employee wellbeing and healthier organizations. While other wearables and healthcare apps are limited to measuring and presenting the vital signs on a digital display, Sumondo’s solution, including an app and an algorithm, guides the user with the methods to overcome stress. The solution allows HR teams to help the employees get better every day through awareness and reflection about their condition (measurements) and then music, meditation, and effective breathing. It also makes people resilient



    AXIS MUNDI is a French leader in the promotion of wellness and performance services at work. The company’s main activities include the provision of audits of stress and well-being in the workplace; Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP); Coaching and Team Building; Training and Education. AXIS MUNDI’s mission is to help companies optimize the potential of their people by using competencies and tools derived from psychology and management. The business aims to do this with an acute sense of professionalism and ethics in a spirit of partnership with clients that count among some of the largest groups

  • Cowork


    Launched in 2014, is a startup, which creates well-being and engagement in workplaces. The nature of work is changing, and as new needs and behaviors are emerging, workers need flexible, intelligent, and connected workspaces. To address the issue, the team at has developed an innovative and robust solution to manage shared and collaborative workspaces. The business’s offerings include a complete solution with a white-label SaaS software (desktop and mobile app), connected objects, and services. also allows the office managers to administer their workspace in real-time (coworking spaces, real estate, and companies) while optimizing their costs and M2

  • Efectio


    Efectio brings technical and content-based solutions to strengthen and unite the workforce of businesses. By combining the abilities of modern technology, gamification, and content elements, the enterprise has developed an employee engagement and learning platform that provides solutions in six key areas, positively impacting employee engagement and loyalty, and increasing motivation and productivity. Some of the solutions offered by Efectio include employee well-being, collaboration, engagement, recognition, advocacy, and micro-learning. Companies can introduce their employee’s to a healthy work environment with Efectio’s offerings and promoting a better understanding of the business values or create various fun, and engaging office challenges to blossom the ecosystem of the office

  • Insite


    Since 2000, INSITE has been one of the leading providers of Employee Assistance Program/ EAP in Germany and other German-speaking countries, serving well-known companies and institutions from numerous industries with a total of around 260,000 employees. Demand-oriented, the enterprise implements and operates modern, functioning, and effective support systems for employees, managers, and the entire organization. INSITE’s goal is to respond to any request swiftly and appropriately and always to give its clients the support they need in a particular situation. Additionally, together with its team of consultants, firms can strengthen employee smartness in the company to stay in balance even in critical life situations

  • Inspiring Benefits

    Inspiring Benefits

    Inspiring Benefits is specialized in the comprehensive management and marketing of employee benefits, discount, and incentive programs. The company negotiates with brands for companies that want to incorporate an aspect of discount to their compensation and employee benefits plans. The team at Inspiring Benefits is specialists in designing and implementing products that guarantee the loyalty of employees and customers through different programs. Human resources, employee discounts, benefits club, social benefits, loyalty club, multichannel communication, marketing, HR, employee offers, dissemination of offers, premium sales channel, and offer management are some of Inspiring’s prime offerings

  • Shleep


    Shleep helps employers improve their performance through better sleep management. Its corporate programs provide a mobile phone app, personalized assessments, sleep education through tailored workshops, individual and group sleep consultations, and policy recommendations to achieve improved health, leadership, effectiveness and engagement. Within three years of its operations, Shleep has already helped several employees in large organizations—the likes of Spotify, Nivea, Deloitte—reduce their sleep debt by 50 percent. As one of the top employee wellness solution providers in Europe, Shleep further aims to bolster its solution through new tools such as a sleep tracker, baby sleep training, and a personalized alarm clock

  • Virtuagym


    Virtuagym is a leading tech company providing innovative fitness software for gyms, personal trainers, and corporate health services. First launched in 2008, Virtuagym has grown into an all-in-one solution for client coaching, membership management, billing, scheduling, access control, and more. Its integrated mobile fitness apps offer solutions for exercise and nutrition guidance, progress tracking, and online coaching. Besides easy-to-use and robust software, Virtuagym offers unparalleled customer service. The software is continuously being further developed using customer feedback, to provide fitness professionals with the best product available. Furthermore, integrated business models offer plenty of opportunities to generate additional revenue with Virtuagym