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Top 10 Employee Wellness Companies in Europe - 2020

Today, with the core operations in the business landscape in a constant state of techdriven flux, the significance of employee wellness has risen to become a critical cog in workforce productivity. However, as employee wellness is a unquantifiable parameter, organizations across several industry sectors are turning to the implementation of individual and departmental initiatives. With these endeavors, companies are hoping to build a business culture that drives healthy behavior in their workforces and translate the boost in productivity into effective business success. Consequently, to successfully gain the benefits of performing intuitive and seamless employee wellness programs, HR departments have to stay informed on the recent developments in the enterprise arena to ensure long-term sustenance and boost positive outcomes.

For organizations to develop a customized employee wellness stature, HR executives have to develop strategies to effectively boost workplace morale, reduce absenteeism, prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases, and reduce health insurance premium costs. Once this is achieved, a firm is assured to significantly furnish the health of their workforce, which ultimately leads to the generation of additional business revenues. Currently, top wellness undertakings comprise weight loss regimes, anti-smoking programs, stress management, as well as exercise, diet, and fitness consultation, which can make a difference not just at work but also the personal life of an employee.

From a technology standpoint, leading firms today are relying on tech-driven tools to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of their workforce wellness strategies. For instance, by leveraging the data collected through programs, AI-based wellness tools can align an employee’s user experience based on their preferences. At the same time, to assist organizations in ensuring that their employee information cannot be accessed by malicious parties for misuse, numerous employee wellness solutions boast a strong security capability that is compliant with the top data privacy regulations put forth by the EU.

As a result of such strong competencies showcased by multiple employee wellness companies, leaders in companies find it difficult to partner with a vendor that will help them tackle their unique, organization-specific issues. To simplify and help CIOs navigate the employee wellness solution landscape, HR Tech Outlook has come up with special edition, where HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has identified the ‘Top 10 Employee Wellness Companies in Europe - 2020.’ The companies showcased in this issue have exhibited extensive knowledge, strategy, and means to delivering solutions pertaining to employee wellness.

    Top Employee Wellness Companies in Europe

  • Erimover offers holistic health and wellness services to private and public sector organisations with a nationwide network of health and fitness professionals. The clients benefit from the diverse skill set of these certified professionals in the fields of nutrition, mobility, fitness, yoga, group fitness exercise, and more. Erimover’s well-designed health and wellness programmes focus on the continuous physical and mental development of employees. After an initial discussion with the clients, Erimover crafts a health and wellness programme ideal for the concerned client. Supplementing such programmes, Erimover goes the extra mile and periodically provides optimised content from personal trainers, which include webinars, lectures, games, and online material developed by experts

  • Joy Corporate delivers innovative workshops and seminars for organisations that care about employee health and prevention. With an exclusive focus on the physical, emotional and mental and health of the employees, Joy Corporate, offers a modern and professional introduction to the topic of OHM in a fast, easy, and innovative way. Catering to multinationals as well as small and medium-sized companies, Joy Corporate delivers innovative workshops and seminars for organisations that care about employee health and prevention

  • Sanctifly is a global provider of healthy alternatives to airport downtime for the frequent business traveler. All members are granted exclusive access to a host of wellness activities along with fitness and leisure facilities via the Sanctifly worldwide airport network

  • Offers well-being and employee engagement technology platforms to ensure the overall well-being of an organization and its workforce

  • Attentia


    Provides soluions for employees wellness such as sustainable remuneration, well- being policy, health surveillance and much more

  • Cigna


    At Cigna, we're more than a health insurance company. We are your partner in total health and wellness. And we’re here for you 24/7 – caring for your body and mind.As a global health service company, Cigna's mission is to improve the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those we serve by making health care simple, affordable, and predictable.

  • Fuell


    Provides insight to employees underlying stress, sleep and exercise patterns, it has delivered a new level of protection when it matters most – when their employees are driving

  • Hussle


    The company is one of the largest network of gyms, pools and spas in the UK providing fitness avenues to working employees


    Spectrum.Life is the largest provider of employer health and wellness services in Ireland, and we're now available across the UK too! We look after the health and wellness needs of 100s of clients and over 500,000 users. Spectrum Life is the only Workplace Wellbeing provider that gives you digital and onsite wellbeing, all through one connected solution. We’re combining Onsite Wellness, Digital Wellbeing, Employee Assistance Programmes and Health Screening managed on one platform and that’s never been done before

  • Thomsons


    A leading benefits management and employee engagement solution making it easy and enjoyable for your employees to connect their flexible and voluntary benefits with their wider lives, whilst ensuring we minimise your admin headaches, costs and exposure to risk. At the heart of it, our whole approach is about the improvement we can make to you and your employees’ happiness and productivity