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Top 10 Employee Wellness Services Companies - 2021

Today, innovations in the realms of employee wellness have turned the nominal facet of HR into a highly competitive arena. By deploying the latest, most intuitive employee wellness solution, organizations aim to drive the creation of business culture that celebrates and rewards healthy behaviour from their workforces. Some of the trends that are currently impacting the market include the development of better and personalized mental health benefits, 24/7 telehealth options, financial wellness offerings, and more.

From a technology standpoint, leading firms today are deploying tech-driven solutions to boost the efficiency and performance of workforce wellness programs. For example, AI-based wellness tools collect user data from various touchpoints and create a user experience based on their personal preferences. At the same time, to stay abreast of the upcoming and up-and-coming developments of the market, firms are also partnering with employee wellness services companies that assist them in pivoting and customizing their wellness strategies and gaining the best outcomes and ROI.

Taking into account the ever-increasing number of intuitive employee wellness solution providers entering the market, choosing the right vendor has become a critical task for organisations. In order to assist firms in the task of finding prominent employee wellness solution providers, we have compiled this issue of HR Tech Outlook. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 employee wellness solution providers to showcase the organisations that can help you

unlock new opportunities. We hope this issue of HR Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organisation need to foster sustainable and highly cost-efficient operations driven by robust, innovative technology and a highly engaged workforce.

We present to you, HR Tech Outlook’s  “Top 10 Employee Wellness Service Companies - 2021.”

    Employee Wellness Services Companies

  • Provides effective and affordable clinical best practice treatment tools to support employees caring for individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities, learning delays or behavior challenges

  • Wondr Health

    Wondr Health

    Wondr Health™ (formerly Naturally Slim) is a digital behavioral change program focused on weight management that helps participants improve their physical and mental wellbeing through simple, interactive, and clinically-proven skills and tools. By treating the root cause of obesity through behavioral science, Wondr reduces risk factors to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension, helps enhance employee productivity and engagement, decreases claims costs, and improves overall wellbeing

  • Aduro


    Aduro is a Human Performance company, using people + data to improve lives for our corporate clients. We are thought leaders in transformational learning and behavior change using our SaaS digital solutions. Our holistic approach to all areas of life increases employee well-being. We believe life is improved in the moments we decide to make a micro-change

  • Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies

    Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies

    Alyfe is your trusted partner for sustaining, improving and optimizing the well-being of your workforce. A Midwest-based, family-owned business that believes in hard work and high standards. Solutions that deliver. Customer service like you’ve never experienced. And most importantly, results that matter. We would love to bring our 20 years of experience to the table and be the trusted partner that gets you results that will impact your organization’s bottom line and the well-being of your entire workforce

  • ComPsych


    ComPsych Corporation is the world’s largest provider of employee assistance programs (EAP) and is the pioneer and worldwide leader of fully integrated EAP, behavioral health, wellness, work-life, HR, FMLA and absence management services under its GuidanceResources® brand. ComPsych provides services to more than 56,000 organizations covering more than 127 million individuals throughout the U.S. and 190 countries. By creating “build-to-suit” programs, ComPsych helps employers attract and retain employees, increase employee productivity and improve overall health and well-being. ComPsych’s passion to over-deliver on expectations, continual commitment to quality, integrity, ingenuity, unparalleled service and partnership allow us to create customized programs for our customers. Just as the business environment is constantly changing, so are our services – staying a step ahead of organizational challenges, adapting to business needs and always responding to the unique issues of employees. The result: increased attraction and retention of employees and improved productivity and performance

  • Corporate Health Partners

    Corporate Health Partners

    Corporate Health Partners was founded almost two decades ago to help employers improve their performance by addressing a fundamental truth. Unhealthy and unhappy employees sap an organization’s morale, whereas healthy and happy employees incur fewer expenses, increase productivity, and enjoy a better culture. As a result, prioritizing employee health is essential to fueling a healthy bottom line. Corporate Health Partners knew that employee health could be measured objectively and enhanced systematically to create demonstrable improvements. We were born out of this vision and have made it our mission to promote a strong culture of health with high employee engagement. Since its founding, Corporate Health Partners has helped companies like yours cultivate engaged and healthy employees. Through our employee wellness programs, we interact with your workforce year-round, through a variety of methods including health coaching, health challenges, health demonstrations and much more

  • Excel Body Fitness

    Excel Body Fitness

    The definition of healthy and fit vary from client to client. At Excel Body Fitness, we pride ourselves on providing every client with exceptional training services personalized to your needs and can accommodate clients of all levels throughout Cary. Every one of our Certified Personal Trainer professionals has your goals in mind and will design a personalized training program that fits your interests, needs, lifestyle, and budget. Whether you need a coach to motivate you or a drill sergeant, we have the right trainer for you

  • Labcorp Employer Services

    Labcorp Employer Services

    LabCorp Employer Services (formerly Wellness Corporate Solutions) provides strategic comprehensive well-being solutions and insights that drive population health improvement nationwide. Services include COVID-19 return to work solutions, biometric screenings, flu vaccinations, common inoculations, health coaching, member portal and actionable business analytics to provide insights for employers, health partners and health consumers on their health and the health of the population. As part of LabCorp, a leading global life sciences company, we are also able to bring additional services to our clients, creating an integrated occupational lab testing and well-being benefit solution for employers

  • Marino Wellness

    Marino Wellness

    Marino Wellness is a health and fitness company that specializes in massage therapy, health coaching, and ergonomics. Marino Wellness is the leading workplace health, fit + happiness company. We specializes in corporate wellness strategy. We start by learning where you are then help you get to where you want to go. Our wellness experts have crafted 3 Entry Level Programs to help you get started. Simply choose where you are, decide on a level + let’s get your employees well!

  • MaxLiving


    MaxLiving exists to empower longer, healthier lives through chiropractic care and integration of the 5 Essentials™️. Our holistic, natural approach to wellness has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the globe to better understand and manage their health now to keep them healthy long-term. We’re looking forward to helping even more people change their lives through the power of chiropractic