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Top 10 Employee Wellness Services Companies - 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent sequence of events have completely altered the concept of the workplace. People today are no longer interested in traditional office spaces and work culture. The post-pandemic workforce seeks the perfect work-life balance and focuses more on their mental and physical wellness than ever. The situation has impelled business leaders to improve their skills in designing top-tier corporate wellness programs to meet the ever-evolving requirements of their team members. Inability to do this might lead to employee attrition and dissatisfaction. The most prominent example of this is the current trend of “Great Resignation.”

Needless to say, businesses are not aloof from this trend or the current changes in the market. They even have put their best foot forward to architect sound employee wellness programs. But, in many cases, the outcomes have remained far from optimum.


The answer is simple: organizations still have not realized that wellness programs are not limited to health fairs and presentations. It should entail the individual need of every team member instead of being one-size-fits-all. Pulling off this task is difficult for HR departments—given their busy schedule and work pressure. What businesses need is the right partner that has years of experience in this space and is really passionate about this field. Organizations have to realize that employee wellness is not a one-and-done affair; it is a continuous process, demanding time and the right strategy.

In a nutshell, it is the primary responsibility of employers to take care of the physical and mental wellness of their employees as the entire world is undergoing a rapid transition. Wellness programs are also essential to boost productivity and team members’ sense of responsibility.

This edition aims to provide readers with a detailed understanding of the Employee Wellness arena and the recent developments in this field.

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    Top Employee Wellness Services Companies

  • Guardian Refresh offers innovative break room management services to improve a company’s employee wellness and overall employee experience.

  • Through making wellbeing feel like a festival via beneficial microbreaks, WellFests helps businesses keep their workforce mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. WellFests' proprietary offerings include Well-Being Sync-Ups, Take a Breather, Wellness Workshops, and Conference Refreshers to counterbalance mental and physical health damage from long-stretch working hours. These expert-led sessions provide space within a day-to-day workflow for any typical workforce to pause, breathe, reset, and refresh. This allows employees to recalibrate their brain, move their body to help relieve joint pain, prevent injury, connect themselves to the present, and boost energy directly from their work desk.

  • Aduro


    Aduro delivers corporate wellness solutions that ignite human performance. Aduro’s mission is to unlock human potential through workplace wellness. Their holistic approach to all areas of life increases employee well-being. They believe life is improved in the moments and decide to make a micro-change

  • Corporate Health Partners

    Corporate Health Partners

    Corporate Health Partners provides fully managed and integrated corporate wellness programs and solutions that rely on medical data to set goals and track results. Their wellness coaches know how to measurably improve employees’ health and organizations’ culture

  • ComPsych® Corporation

    ComPsych<sup>®</sup> Corporation

    ComPsych® Corporation is the world’s largest provider of employee assistance, work-life, and absence management services. ComPsych ‘s GuidanceResources® platform pioneered a comprehensive and experience, combining human touch with technology-enabled resources addressing the broad spectrum of issues people face each day.

  • Excel Body Fitness

    Excel Body Fitness

    Excel Body Fitness’ corporate wellness programs are fully customized to employee needs. Excel was designed with one thing in mind: success. The end result is highly effective fitness program that empowers your employees to look, feel, and live better. They help client’s staff excel by focusing on what matters most–the greatest health benefits in the shortest time

  • HBD International

    HBD International

    HBD is an experienced provider of corporate wellness, injury prevention, mental health, and high-performance programs. For 25 years, their programs have achieved global best outcomes in terms of sustained, non-incentivized program engagement and measured health risk reduction

  • Marino Wellness

    Marino Wellness

    Marino Wellness works with companies - large & small - who care about creating a healthy, happy workplace culture. They specialize in workplace experiences that showcase your company culture & creativity. Their wellness experts have crafted 3 Entry Level Programs to help get started

  • Rethink Benefits

    Rethink Benefits

    Rethink is the leading global provider of research-based resources to inspire and empower individuals with developmental disabilities and those who support them. Their award-winning, global caregiver solution offers 24/7 virtual consultations with behavioral experts and online, evidence-based training and support for families of children with learning, social or behavioral challenges

  • Wellness Corporate Solutions

    Wellness Corporate Solutions

    Wellness Corporate Solutions provides strategic comprehensive well-being solutions and insights that drive population health improvement nationwide. As part of LabCorp, a leading global life sciences company, they are also able to bring additional services to their clients, creating an integrated occupational lab testing and well-being benefit solution for employers