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Top 10 Employee Wellness Solution Companies - 2021

Today, innovations in the realms of employee wellness have turned the nominal facet of HR into a highly competitive arena. By deploying the latest, most intuitive employee wellness solution, organizations aim to drive the creation of business culture that celebrates and rewards healthy behaviour from their workforces. Some of the trends that are currently impacting the market include the development of better and personalized mental health benefits, 24/7 telehealth options, financial wellness offerings, and more.

From a technology standpoint, leading firms today are deploying tech-driven solutions to boost the efficiency and performance of workforce wellness programs. For example, AI-based wellness tools collect user data from various touchpoints and create a user experience based on their personal preferences. At the same time, to stay abreast of the upcoming and up-and-coming developments of the market, firms are also partnering with employee wellness services companies that assist them in pivoting and customizing their wellness strategies and gaining the best outcomes and ROI.

Taking into account the ever-increasing number of intuitive employee wellness solution providers entering the market, choosing the right vendor has become a critical task for organisations. In order to assist firms in the task of finding prominent employee wellness solution providers, we have compiled this issue of HR Tech Outlook. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 employee wellness solution providers to showcase the organisations that can help you

unlock new opportunities. We hope this issue of HR Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organisation need to foster sustainable and highly cost-efficient operations driven by robust, innovative technology and a highly engaged workforce.

We present to you, HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Employee Wellness Solution Companies– 2021

    Top Employee Wellness Solution Companies

  • One company that is at the forefront of offering a unified digital health and wellness platform is Envision2bWell, Inc. The company’s solution and platform, EnvisionWell®, was designed with a social determinants of health and ‘people first’ mantra that Tammy Williams, founder and CEO of Envision2bWell, believes is critical in helping businesses effectively drive health and wellness within their workforce. “It’s all about the user. Above all, an effective workplace wellness program must be accessible, personally relevant, easy-to-use, and engaging

  • Freedom 365 intends to close the gap between the number of people needing care for substance use disorder and those receiving help with its innovative virtual recovery solution. Freedom 365 enables companies to provide an early intervention solution to their employees struggling with substance abuse before it becomes chronic and at the same time helps improve their bottom line. Freedom 365 takes the content and activities of a substance use rehabilitation program and embeds it into an interactive, self-directed, digital experience that can be accessed privately—anytime, anywhere from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet, or PC

  • HBD International is a corporate wellness organization. Through its wellness programs that focus on physical health risks, mental fitness, resilience, and ergonomics, the company is able to achieve proactive risk prevention by truly reaching and engaging an organization’s entire work population. For 25 years, their programs have achieved global best outcomes in terms of sustained, non-incentivized program engagement and measured health risk reduction. The company’s comprehensive programs can address specific risks, such as MSK injuries, or mental health, or they can be combined in incredibly comprehensive consolidated programs that integrate health, safety, and high-performance without the need to promote multiple vendors or separate program components. They are simple to manage, easy for employees to engage and navigate, and most importantly, provide competitive measurable outcomes.

  • HCIactive provides an integrated corporate wellness platform solution to manage health and wellness incentive programs for employee health risk mitigation. HCIactive, a cloud technology solution provider, has a portfolio of digital solutions to manage and reduce risk: 1) health and wellness risk 2) COVID-19 noncompliance risk and 3) income and financial risk. The health and wellness risk management solution has a single, integrated platform solution to digitally enroll and continuously engage employees in programs with personalized digital experiences and configurable employee incentives to ultimately create employee wellness accountability and reduce corporate health and wellness risk

  • My Stress Tools (which can be used on any device) offers an array of resources that address stress. Employees can assess and track their stress, change their stressful thinking patterns, and learn how staying in the present moment can actually reduce worry, fear, frustration, and anger. My Stress Tools is well-appreciated for the following reasons: Ease of use, customizable design, variety of options, quality of materials, accessibility to top tier experts like Dr. Dan Goleman and David Katz, M.D., and finally, price

  • Vida Health

    Vida Health

    Vida is a virtual care company that combines a human-centric approach with technology to address chronic and co-occurring physical and behavioral health conditions. We provide personalized chronic condition management combined with health coaching and therapy through a mobile and online platform that supports individuals in managing and significantly improving conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression, anxiety, etc. Our platform integrates deeply individual expert care with machine learning and remote monitoring to deliver lasting behavior change, health outcomes and cost savings

  • Balance by Nature

    Balance by Nature

    Balance by Nature is an award-winning Corporate Health & Wellness Company whose mission is to develop wellness programs that inspire employees to create small healthy changes in their daily routines that improve their health outcomes, overall well-being, job satisfaction and productivity.The corporate wellness programs we design for our clients provide a combination of stress reduction strategies, mindset training, fitness opportunities, nutrition education, health education and personal development

  • BSDI


    BSDI is an award-winning leader in health promotion technology located in Califon, NJ. BSDI's comprehensive and highly configurable health promotion portal, Motivation Alliance, gives you the power to make positive change. BSDI is an award-winning leader in health promotion technology located in Califon, NJ. We take pride in our 25 years of experience producing feature rich, flexible technologies that cultivate daily lifestyle habits to improve population health. BSDI's comprehensive and highly configurable health promotion portal, Motivation Alliance, gives you the power to make positive change

  • Cigna


    At Cigna, we're more than a health insurance company. We are your partner in total health and wellness. And we’re here for you 24/7 – caring for your body and mind. As a global health service company, Cigna's mission is to improve the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those we serve by making health care simple, affordable, and predictable. Our values are the core of our culture. Our values guide how all 74,000 of us around the world work together, serve our customers, patients, clients, communities, and deliver on our mission

  • Virgin Pulse

    Virgin Pulse

    Virgin Pulse is unifying and simplifying the health and wellbeing journey with Homebase for Health® and changing lives for good. Our people drive our business and our culture reflects that. As an organization, we focus on our three core values: One Team One Dream, We Deliver, and Live and Breathe It. We understand that our diversity is our strength, we have a responsibility to innovate and lead the industry, and we embody a culture of health and wellbeing that inspires our clients as well as our own employees