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Top 10 Employee Wellness Solutions Companies - 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent sequence of events have completely altered the concept of the workplace. People today are no longer interested in traditional office spaces and work culture. The post-pandemic workforce seeks the perfect work-life balance and focuses more on their mental and physical wellness than ever. The situation has impelled business leaders to improve their skills in designing top-tier corporate wellness programs to meet the ever-evolving requirements of their team members. Inability to do this might lead to employee attrition and dissatisfaction. The most prominent example of this is the current trend of “Great Resignation.”

Needless to say, businesses are not aloof from this trend or the current changes in the market. They even have put their best foot forward to architect sound employee wellness programs. But, in many cases, the outcomes have remained far from optimum.


The answer is simple: organizations still have not realized that wellness programs are not limited to health fairs and presentations. It should entail the individual need of every team member instead of being one-size-fits-all. Pulling off this task is difficult for HR departments—given their busy schedule and work pressure. What businesses need is the right partner that has years of experience in this space and is really passionate about this field. Organizations have to realize that employee wellness is not a one-and-done affair; it is a continuous process, demanding time and the right strategy.

In a nutshell, it is the primary responsibility of employers to take care of the physical and mental wellness of their employees as the entire world is undergoing a rapid transition. Wellness programs are also essential to boost productivity and team members’ sense of responsibility.

This edition aims to provide readers with a detailed understanding of the Employee Wellness arena and the recent developments in this field.

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    Top Employee Wellness Solutions Companies

  • WebMD Health Services is a unique employee wellness solutions provider that specializes in delivering well-being solutions, engagement services delivered by experts and champions, and strategic partnerships to help organizations create well-rounded employee wellness programs for all.

  • Akramoff implements various structural and cultural changes in a client's work environment to ensure a healthy and positive work culture. They are experts in assessing organizations for factors that negatively impact work culture. Akramoff's executives serve as interim leaders in their clients' organizations to induce a holistic and positive change in the work culture. They also coach the clients' workforce and leadership in the creation of amicable workplaces.

  • Balance by Nature

    Balance by Nature

    Balance by Nature customizes its programs for each client based on their culture, goals, challenges and budget. Its comprehensive wellness programs incorporate stress reduction, fitness, nutrition and personal development to positively impact the physical, mental and emotional well-being of clients’ employees

  • Envisionwell


    Envision’s mission is to empower, enable, and inspire health and well-being for humankind. Envision believe that everyone deserves an equal shot at a healthy, joyful life. Envision aims at making a positive impact on the lives and the communities that it covers. Envision’s goal is to deepen our impact and widen our reach, so it helps more and more people live sustainably healthier lives

  • HCIactive


    HCIactive is the leading insurance and healthcare platform for digital group and individual policy enrollment, omnichannel benefits content access, and fully digital financial and health wellness solutions. Its robust mobile capabilities are designed to meet the needs of the growing Gig Economy, providing highly personalized, consumer-centric member engagement

  • Omada Health

    Omada Health

    A virtual-first chronic care provider helping members make lasting changes to improve health and reduce care costs for organizations. Omada helps people change how they think about their health to experience powerful health changes

  • Stress Stop

    Stress Stop is providing stress reduction and resilience-building solutions now for over 30 years. Their products are used in thousands of hospitals, and hundreds of government agencies, Fortune Five Hundred companies, schools and universities, and military bases around the world. Its mission continues to be to provide one-stop shopping for our customers’ stress management and stress management training needs. StressStop encourages its clients to browse our blogs, free resources, and products

  • Virginpulse


    Virgin Pulse empowers people to lead happier and healthier lives by engaging them in personal, rewarding ways throughout their health and wellbeing journeys. Virgin Pulse supports 14 million members in 21 languages across 190 countries. Featuring the industry’s only true Homebase for Health® that unifies and simplifies the health and wellbeing journey, Virgin Pulse fuses high-tech, high-touch, predictive analytics, AI and data to support clients and members across the entire health, wellbeing and benefits lifecycle

  • Vitality Group

    Vitality Group

    Vitality is a leading behavior change platform which uses the power of incentives, data and behavioral economics to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives. Vitality has achieved global scale through successful partnerships with leading insurers and the most forward-thinking employers around the world. More than 20 million people in 30 markets engage in the Vitality program

  • WellRight


    WellRight invests in employee wellness. WellRight powers over 500 corporate wellness programs with its flexible and fun-to-use software. Offering all the essentials (health risk assessment, fitness device integration, pre-built challenge library, health coaching, claims data analysis, biometrics, and a rewards engine), WellRight’s customizable design lets employers tailor these features so they can deliver wellness programs that are relevant to employees