Top 10 Employee Wellness Solution Providers - 2018

It’s a no brainer that employee wellness translates directly to workforce productivity. Yet, ‘wellness’ is a parameter that often difficult to quantify. A culture of wellness and healthy behaviour drives better results by creating an engaged workforce. In the increasingly competitive industry verticals, as well as workplaces, the need for wellness initiatives has become more imperative than ever.

Developing a customized employee wellness program is an effective way to boost work place morale, reduce absenteeism, prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases, and reduce health insurance premium costs. All of these factors add up to a much happier and healthier workforce that furnishes greater levels of productivity which ultimately generates additional business revenues.

Wellness programs include weight loss regimes, lifestyle changes, smoking cessation programs, stress management and exercise, diet and fitness advice, all of which aims at making a difference in people’s lives.

However, many business leaders presented with a multitude of choices do not know how to start a corporate wellness program that gets results and makes a positive impact on their employees’ health. To simplify and help CIOs navigate the employee wellness solution landscape, HR Tech Outlook has come up with special edition, where a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VPs, analysts including HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has identified the ‘Top 10 Employee Wellness Solution Providers - 2018’. The companies showcased in this issue have exhibited extensive knowledge, strategy and means to delivering solutions pertaining to employee wellness.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Axum Provides personal fitness and nutrition programs through a results-driven solution to every employee while helping the organization to combat the ever-rising costs of healthcare
Enlyte Enlyte offers a comprehensive, evidence-based conversational platform that helps organizations to ensure a healthy employee base to maximize productivity
Gympass Offers a discovery platform that empowers organizations to engage their workforce in physical activity by enabling access to a global network of workout facilities
HealthAdvocate Solutions Is a leading healthcare advocacy and assistance provider serving many of the nation’s largest companies
New Ocean Health Solutions Provides a customizable enterprise health management platform designed to lower healthcare costs and improve health outcomes
Sonic Boom Wellness A wellness-engagement company committed to improving members’ daily health habits
Training Amigo Specializes in corporate wellness, fitness technology, corporate health and fitness, loyalty and rewards system, social media platform, and health and fitness education
Vida Health Vida is a personalized health platform that helps members prevent, manage, and overcome chronic and behavioral health conditions
WebMD Health Services Designs, implements, and provides successful, engaging well-being programs that not only save money but also transform lives
Wellness Workdays Provides innovative and customized employee wellness solutions that create a culture of health at the workplace